Reality check

Generally speaking, in case you might have missed it, I am pretty liberal in my political viewpoints. That being said, I have a couple of things to point out about what happened in Arizona.

1) This is terrible and wrong, but not remotely new. Violence as a political tool is as old as politics itself. This isn’t a “What is the world coming to?” kind of moment. This is more of a “We haven’t quit this crap yet?” kind of moment.

2) This has absolutely nothing to do with Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, or any other Republican or tea party politician. They do not hold the monopoly on violent political comments or images. Examples:
http://www.cartoonstock.com/newscartoons/cartoonists/ghr/lowres/ghrn583l.jpg and
“More drama than a junior prom, a shotgun wedding, and a paternity test all rolled into one!”
The Rachel Maddow Show, MSNBC (June 8, 2009)

Like them both. Think they ar funny, but (at risk of using the mosted hated phrase of 2010), I’m just saying.

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