Spawned by FFC

In response to http://hellogiggles.com/im-not-a-feminist-but

I am a feminist. I love men. I love women. I love myself. Why are ANY of these statements mutually exclusive?

Secondly, on what planet (and perhaps this is the masculinity theorist in me) do all men enjoy the security of walking alone at night? Or freedom from sexual harassment? Or the freedom from the ‘unique burden’ of keeping their bodies looking a certain way? And while the author of this piece may be considered ‘too emotional’ as a woman, she herself states that a man must defend his outward show of emotion.

She will never know what it means to be policed by every other child on the playground (both male and female) as to whether or not she is accurately portraying her feminine role appropriately. She will not know what it is like to be silenced by her peers for the sexual harassment she receives. She will not understand, despite the difficulties women as rape victims face, the consequences a man faces when raped. Google “sexy woman” and then “sexy man”. Are the images of both not stereotypical and harmful? She must be thin and busty, but he must be buff and strong (and rich, too I might add).

Something that I think she completely misses the mark on here (and maybe that is only because that is not the point of the piece) is that it is also OK to be MASCULINE women. Why must I, as a feminist proclaim my femininity in high heels and a dress? Why CAN’T I wear my jeans and t-shirts and combat boots, and that be OK too? So yeah, I’m a granola eatin’, boot wearin’, make-up burnin’, Feminist. Deal with it.
I understand that this all relates to the degradation of women and the horrors associated with femininity as a whole (that last part was sarcasm), but the source does not justify the action. Yes, we as feminists need to stand up and support Feminism as a study, as a social science, and as movement, but we CAN NOT do that without discourse. Without discourse, we become a cult of crazy people wandering around the compound agreeing with each other, never stepping out among the non believers.

3 Responses to “Spawned by FFC”

  1. October 12, 2011 at 12:14 am

    I like your candor, your broad-mindedness (that’s not a pun) and your view on feminism. By your definition, I may be a feminist, too, even though I’m a conservative man who generally dislikes many manifestations of that study/science/movement. I value women as equals in value, worthy of respect and love, although I do not believe that necessarily means equality in other things, like certain roles. I appreciate natural feminine beauty, but I dislike the tyranny that makeup, hair color, high heels and glue-on clothing represents for many women. I would recommend cutting free from those things. There are enough shackles in life.

    • October 12, 2011 at 2:10 am

      To me it isn’t so much the role itself, but rather that the role is chosen. While I have a strong distaste for ‘hypermasculine’ types, it’s the choice that counts. That goes for ‘hyperfemininity’ as well. If they choose that role, as opposed to being forced into it, if a woman wants to stay home with her children, cook and clean like a maniac, and take care of her husband as well, more power to her. Just so long as that is her choice and not her expectation.

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