And it begins…

The above entry is an experiment in conservative propaganda. As stated, each item is in fact true, but also there is a negative spin through omitting information, careful use of capital letters, sarcastic comment, or negative tags.

The experiment? This is a relatively quiet blog. Visits are most often faithful followers or people who Google information on related content. Average visitors are approximately 1-3 per day with the occasional spike around University finals time (with which comes an abundance of Googling of sociological and political terminology). I am looking at the number of hits through reposted links (FB, Twitter, etc.) as well as through the negative tags.

All information in the above entry is offered below without the conservative spin and with a direct link to the original content.

1. A ‘Keep Informed’ link on the entry page. One can also choose to enter without providing this information.

2. Statement made in regard to the US and Israel in a joint commitment to deny the right of sovereignty to the Palestinians.

3. In remarks addressing the UN. The 180,000 soldiers were placed before Obama entered the Whitehouse.

4. Only in the case of rape, incest, and impending maternal mortality.

5. Insurers can no longer cap medical expenses on covered persons and dependants. Translation, they can’t cap on long term illnesses in children (you know, those pesky people who don’t work).

6. OK, that one hurt. This is just flat out true, but posting it with the spin almost made me vomit.

7. Obama spoke at a national Human Rights Campaign annual dinner. The group works to provide equal access and civil rights to all people.


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