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Redefining Marriage

Tomorrow begins “National Marriage Week” in the US (and possibly world wide, admittedly I’m not clear on this point). As such, Focus on the Family and other groups are pushing their definition of marriage on millions of Americans who’s marriage rights continue to be denied.

The most common argument I hear against equal marriage rights continues to be “you can’t redefine marriage. Marriage is a religious institution between a man and a woman. You can call it something else, but your can’t redefine it.” OK, I finally figured out why this argument bothers my so much, aside from the blatant falsehood that marriage began as a religious institution and not as a means to transfer wealth…They claim that marriage is being broken by attempts at redefinition, and yet redefine is exactly what they have done.

Biblical doctrine repeatedly states that women are given to men, that parents match their children (or God does so directly with many conditions attached). So, when exactly did it go from a means of parents assigning the best match for their children to a marriage of love and family? When exactly did the redefinition to an institution of love and support occur?

Hello Kettle, this is the pot and I am calling you black. Please practice what you preach, religious right.


Assailed by the Christian Right (or should I say ‘rite’?)

I’m not sure exactly when the attack on women’s reproductive rights took such a dramatic turn. I think, perhaps it was with the sudden rise in the popularity of the Tea Party and the realization that the Church was beginning to lose some of its political hold. Well, they managed to nip that in the bud and now they push on to reverse the freedoms women have achieved to decide what can and can’t go on inside their own bodies. Alas, those in high religious and monetary places feel the need to tell women that they are not able to choose parenthood, whether that be through abortion, the morning after pill, or even affordable birth control of any sort provided b Planned Parenthood. Ah, but there are condoms! Well, men control that, now don’t they. I prefer to take responsibility for myself and not expect someone else to do it for me. That all being said, I am offering a much shared breakdown of the services provided by Planned Parenthood. Educate, learn, and fight for those who need it.

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