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Into the Abyss…

I have actually managed not to post anything on the Occupy Movement. Until now.

I agree with some of it, I disagree with a lot of it. The reality is, those pushing for a full socialism, claiming that they will occupy until they get one, are just delusional. The merits or problems of an absolute socialism aside, it just won’t work here. Period. There will always be those who feel like they are owed something for nothing. There will always be those who feel they have some sort of inherent worth above others. It just won’t work. Period.

What do I agree with? Pay your workers more, you freaking assholes. Waltons. Yeah, you. Pay your workers a living wage. Offer them decent benefits, pull the mass of people employed by YOU out of the bracket of the working poor. You take over small town America and then drag it through the dirt. You take people’s businesses and then offer them a minimum wage job, saying that you are providing a service, building community. Bullshit. Your are thieves and liars. Have fun in your ivory tower.

Now, what brought on this rant? The fine and not so fine folks of The Conservative Tree House. Some of them have been interesting and informative, others have been hateful for no known reason, except that I struck a cord with respectful but socially liberal dialogue. Shame on me.

Yeah, I’m a bit bitter about some of them today. That I would be labeled as having an agenda for being polite, pisses me off. Newsflash: I’m generally speaking a polite person and have to be pushed pretty far to retaliate. Secondly, that anyone would stand up and feel sorry for Gaddafi strikes me as nothing short of hatred toward millions of Libyans. Sure, he killed, maimed, and stole, but he was a nice guy. Whatever.

And the coup de grace…They seem to want their religion in their government. I get this from a number of posts (read through and come to your own conclusion). But don’t let Islam into anyone’s government. That’s not right. You can’t have an Islamic state. You can have a Christian one, but NOOOOOOOO…No, you can’t have an Islamic state. Not acceptable.

Well, that lovely rant aside, I close today with a stock AP photo and a quote from one of the most marvelous Occupiers of the Tree…

“Revolts aren’t calm.
They happen when diplomacy and discussion have failed.
It is a pressure cooker of violence and anger. It is a cataclysmic upheaval of decades of frustration and repression. It is animalistic and degrading. There is no more human compassion in anything of this sort. It is horrifically cruel. When any society has been pushed to it’s bearable limits, these are the repercussions.

There is no way to contain the explosive backlash. You have to let it burn out.

This is the burn.”


For Feminists and MRAs alike…

Hey you,
I see you.
I see you looking.
I see you looking at me.
I see you looking at me and judging.
I see you looking at me and judging what you see.

Hey you,
You won’t know.
You won’t know who.
You won’t know who or what.
You won’t know who or what I am.
You won’t know who or what I am inside, in my mind.

Hey you.
In my mind.
In my mind is love.
In my mind is love and faith.
In my mind is love and faith and desire.
In my mind is love and faith and desire and FIRE!

Hey you.
I am more.
I am more than what you refuse to see.


Kimmel (first of many)

“Of course, you will point out, rightly, that these violent ethnic nationalists and white supremacists receive significant support from women.” (Kimmel 104)

What is of interest to me in both this quote and in the article (which Kimmel fails to mention) is that women experience this same power loss of which he speaks. I believe that is why women support these men. Just as men lose the entitlement to their class rank, so do the women that are, or have potential to be the males’ mates.
Women emotionally and politically support men in every socioeconomic status, but the higher the class the more the women have to lose if that class ranking fails. I engaged in a discussion the other day that women in the upper classes have an even stronger dependence on men than do poor women. Thus, if a woman who supports the ideologies that attribute to the perception of power gain, then she also would reap the benefits of any economic gain.
While I was reading this article a friend called, frustrated about the theories of ecological racism. Between the two of us, we came to the conclusion that (for both his purposes and mine) it is all about power. Power through economics. Sexism stems from a belief that the “other” causes the problems, as do classism, ethnocentrism, and racism. The power (or as Kimmel proposes, the entitlement to power) is based solely on economic and material wealth. It is the loss of class status in which violence and hate set their roots.


Power Struggles

During recent conversation, my viewing of a related movie, and readings and comments on other blogs; I have been contemplating power.  Not political power so much as the power and possibilities of social structures as a whole.

Durkheim said the whole is more than the sum of its parts.  Mead theorized that people become societies in miniature.   These are both correct in their own theory and in interaction with each other.

Durkheim’s theory can show us a great deal about negative reactions to modern feminism (as can each of these).  Many men see modern feminism as an attack on masculinity and on men as a whole.  I think this is partially true.  True because the social structure that allows men (or any empowered group) privilege will also draw much of that privilege away as the margins begin to blur or change completely.  Point being, while the parts may seem at times to be targeting the individual, in reality they are targeting the larger social structure (the whole vs the parts).

As far as Mead, as the whole begins to change, the individual may feel the same stress that the social structure is experiencing.  As the structure begins to shift, so do the thoughts and feelings of the individual.  While to many, this may seem a good thing, to others it is not.  Again, there is a growing sense of disempowerment among men.  Masculinity is attacked and thus feminism is vilified.  As perhaps, it should be.  Feminism as a theory is not bad, but many feminists push their political agendas to the breaking point, forcing others to agree with their opinions or be damned.  Really, this is against the basis of feminist theory.  Equality does not include knocking the “other” down a few pegs.  (Stay with my, there is a point here.)  People are indeed the society in miniature.  As masculinity and masculine men are attacked, many (again) feel a loss of power, once again feeling the need to regain it, whether through physical violence or vocal opposition.

And (finally) my point.  As feminists, we can NOT discount the feelings many men have that they are experiencing a loss of power.  We can NOT pretend that all feminists have the best interests of equality for all (as opposed to an unfair balance in the other direction).  We as feminists need to recognize that with the backlash comes some truth.

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