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Kimmel (first of many)

“Of course, you will point out, rightly, that these violent ethnic nationalists and white supremacists receive significant support from women.” (Kimmel 104)

What is of interest to me in both this quote and in the article (which Kimmel fails to mention) is that women experience this same power loss of which he speaks. I believe that is why women support these men. Just as men lose the entitlement to their class rank, so do the women that are, or have potential to be the males’ mates.
Women emotionally and politically support men in every socioeconomic status, but the higher the class the more the women have to lose if that class ranking fails. I engaged in a discussion the other day that women in the upper classes have an even stronger dependence on men than do poor women. Thus, if a woman who supports the ideologies that attribute to the perception of power gain, then she also would reap the benefits of any economic gain.
While I was reading this article a friend called, frustrated about the theories of ecological racism. Between the two of us, we came to the conclusion that (for both his purposes and mine) it is all about power. Power through economics. Sexism stems from a belief that the “other” causes the problems, as do classism, ethnocentrism, and racism. The power (or as Kimmel proposes, the entitlement to power) is based solely on economic and material wealth. It is the loss of class status in which violence and hate set their roots.


First “real” post.

I use the quotation marks because I have this strange idea that very little in our world is “real”.  By real I mean tangible.  Of course trees, chairs, and people themselves are real, but the vast majority of the things that we worry about as people are not.  I worry often about money and time, for example.  Money has no real value whatsoever, nor does time.  We as social beings attach a value to both of these, despite their lack of “realism” (By the way, I will likely be relating a great deal about isms.  You have been warned).

I covered the reason for my creation of this blog in the first blurb.  Feminism is something that is very important to me.  The ufortunate reailty though, is that many people tend to view feminism as a bad thing.  To be a feminist is not a bad thing.  I see so many young women who do not realize their own worth when seperated from that of a relationship (and older women too, for that matter).  What is wrong with any person, any woman, understanding that she has as much value as anything “real”, that she has contributions to humanity?

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